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If you are looking for Owensboro Real Estate, I thought I would share this with you - HomesByWestview.com sells really nice homes with Owner Financing Programs.  You can find Owensboro Rent to Own Homes there also.  They buy foreclosure homes and totally renovate them to perfection. Then these homes are available with easy qualifying with the Owner Financing Program.  Because we shoot so many weddings, we deal with newlyweds on a weekly basis.  And because a lot of them are looking for new homes in the Owensboro area, I thought this information may be very helpful.  The property below is just one example of their beautiful renovations.

Owensboro Real Estate - Homes By Westview Real Estate



Hopefully you've found this post helpful, especially if you are looking for Rent to Own Homes in Owensboro, or Owner Financing Homes in Owensboro.  The next time you do a search for houses for sale in Owensboro, I hope you check out the opportunities at HomesByWestview.com.