We've been up to something.  And HERE IT IS!  It's a new ad for a local publication.   Lot's of brainstorming went down before we arrived at this particular idea.  But once we thought of this one, we knew we had a winner.  This marketing idea just seemed to stick.  It will continually allow us to do wild and crazy things in our ads.  "We get the shot.  No matter what."  This one was so far out there, that we weren't even sure if we could pull it off.  BUT WE DID.  We had some help from our friend Amanda with the shoot.  Thanks Amanda!  Then I did some Photoshop magic, and viola!  Well, it wasn't that easy.  The editing was actually tedious work, but fun, none the less.  I had to use two different takes for each of our bodies, then pasted in some clouds, a rope ladder, and a helicopter all separately.   Drum roll... DSC_0392DSC_0373

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