Jessica & Justin

What fun!  This wedding, which took place at Brescia's Campus courtyard, was an unbelievable event!  Justin and Jessica were truly in the moment.    After the ceremony, the both of them jumped in the water fountain to get some photos.   They made sure that their wedding day was something to remember.  The photos, as you can see, turned out great. DSC_0955 copy



DSC_0711 copy

DSC_0781 copy

DSC_0727 copy


BrideFatherAsukaBest man laugh

DSC_0807 copy

DSC_0743 copy

DSC_0833 copyDSC_0745B copy

DSC_0850 copyDSC_0171 copyDSC_0223 copy

jess in lap

DSC_0752B copyclocktower

coins copy

DSC_0707DSC_0368 copylooking final

DSC_0313 copy

DSC_0450 copyDSC_1102 copy

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DSC_0900 copy

shoulder bubbles

stepmodel copy

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mugs copy