erin + michael . part one

Have you ever been faced with a really tough decision?  Like what to wear somewhere, what to order at a restaurant, what color to paint your house?  Okay, maybe some of those wouldn't be considered a really tough decision.  However, picking which photos from this engagement session to blog was one of the most difficult decisions ever.  Why, you ask?  Just look and you'll know why.  This is Erin and Michael.  They are a simply gorgeous couple.  Every photo ended up having so much magic.  We're talking Disney world magic here.  The amazing part, you can't fake that kind of magic.  It was just there.  I was just lucky enough to get to photograph it.

I have decided to make two different blogs of their photos.  This is just the first batch.  I will blog the others in a few days. Their wedding is in less than two weeks.  I'm certain I will have an even harder time choosing which of those to blog. That's quite alright for me.  Reminds me why I love what I do.

Photos were shot at the Owensboro Trading Post, Gambrinus Libation Emporium and Reid's Orchard.

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