erinn + brandon's wedding

I happily introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Glasgow!   I have literally been anticipating this wedding for months.  Look at the photos and you'll know why.  The ceremony took place on the roof of a building in downtown Nashville.  Erinn and Brandon decided to see one another for photos before the wedding.  They saw one another for the first time at Centennial Park.  Brandon's reaction when he saw Erinn was so emotional.  I, of course, couldn't hold back the tears while I photographed it.  (It's a little more difficult than you might think trying to focus your lens while your eyes are leaking!)  The ceremony was magnificent.  The view of the Nashville skyline was absolutely breathtaking.  The atmosphere of the entire day was very relaxing and sweet.  It hardly feels right to enjoy your job so much.  I feel like I spend most of my time with friends at their weddings.  This wedding was no exception.  Erinn and Brandon, thank you so much for trusting us to photograph your big day.  We are so happy for you guys! *I had to separate the wedding into two blogs.  The reception photos will follow this one.

E + B Wedding19

E + B Wedding17

E + B Wedding01E + B Wedding02

E + B Wedding03E + BWedding04

E + BWedding05E + B Wedding08

E + BWedding07

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