jenna + jamie engagement

Meet Jenna and Jamie!  We shot their engagement photos a couple of Sundays ago in the Botanical Gardens in Nashville.  I suppose we chose the perfect time since Nashville flooded not even two weeks later.  If you've never been to the gardens in Nashville, you really ought to take a trip for it.  It is beautiful and very refreshing. We shot all of our photos at the park.  Jenna and Jamie were real troopers.  They climbed some rocks, laid in the grass (which was a little soggy), danced... you name it, they did it.  Jenna has incredibly gorgeous eyes, so it goes without saying that we had to do some close-up shots.  There was a perfect breeze the whole time and the rain held off until we were literally getting in our cars. I've posted some of my favorites.  I absolutely LOVE the ones in the grass!  Enjoy! Don't forget to visit our website, at!

J+J E-Session0031

J+J E-Session0002

J+J E-Session0003 J+J E-Session0006J+J E-Session0007

J+J E-Session0005

J+J E-Session0004J+J E-Session0043

J+J E-Session0039

J+J E-Session0041

J+J E-Session0027

J+J E-Session0022

J+J E-Session0026J+J E-Session0024

J+J E-Session0032J+J E-Session0008

J+J E-Session0009J+J E-Session0010

J+J E-Session0042

J+J E-Session0034J+J E-Session0035

J+J E-Session0013J+J E-Session0014

J+J E-Session0037

J+J E-Session0017J+J E-Session0019

J+J E-Session0016J+J E-Session0036

J+J E-Session0030J+J E-Session0029