Meagan Williams Art

From time to time, Holly and I will meet a person with whom we feel a deep connection within minutes of meeting.  Maybe everyone experiences this.  For us, it's when we meet someone who wants to experience everything life has to offer; a person that loves to laugh, and always looks for the silver lining.  It isn't something that can be easily explained, but it's as though we have been cut from the same mold.  Holly and I refer to this quality as the thing. If you are one of those artistic, full-of-life, compassionate, deep-thinkers, then you probably have the thing. People with the thing are usually the ones that become close friends and actually understand our perspective on the world. With that said, I am pleased to share the art of a close friend of ours who definitely has the thing. Her name is Meagan Williams.  We simply LOVE her work and her "whimsical reality."   Below, Meagan describes her style and gives a little information about her work and where you can find it.

"I'm a believer in Love & Life to the fullest.  I honestly think we have the choice each day to determine our behavior, our mood, our outlook, and all of these things willffect us and others, no matter whether negative or positive.  I like to think I wake up and choose positively.  I want to add to people's lives.  I've been blessed with really living & feeling life.  You know what I mean?  I have it in my gut.   And I want to relay that to people.  I want people to EXPERIENCE life to the fullest.  I believe God still desires for us to live fully, no matter how crazy or messed up we've been or will continue to be.

I honestly try to laugh as much as possible.  Humor is key.  If you can't find what's funny.... or awkward..... you haven't lived!

While in Nashville, I attended Watkins College of Art & Design.  I really learned a lot while being there, but due to an overwhelming desire to take a "break",  I left the school and decided to move to Florida! To help my friends band , Solia Tera, with album art.

Some of my art is now available for looksies and purchasing at Studio Slant on 2nd street in Owensboro, KY.  Katherine Taylor, who runs the joint, was an acquaintance & has now become a close friend of mine in helping me get my name out there :)

While working at Starbucks when I moved back home, Chad Gesser, professor of Sociology at OCC, asked me about helping him out with some "Art shows".  He had recently gotten into DJing, and wanted to see if he could combine "live art" to the mix of things.  After I said "DUH! Of course I'd love to!" ... it was only a matter of  weeks before we had our first show at 2nd St. Pub.  Since then, we've held about 9 shows at The Creme, and 2 shows at The Science and History Museum.

We want to mix music and produce live art, but in the sense of allowing people to see us in action.  There isn't a dramatic end to what we do, but what we really want is for people to get into it - and "feel" what we feel.  Our shows have been evolving more into what we desire, and will continue to do so.  We will be performing Friday May 13th at The Creme from 6-8pm (for the BBQ Fest), and then Friday May 27th at The Creme for the first Friday after 5 of the summer.  We have exciting ideas coming up this summer in collaborating with other creative minds!"--Meagan Williams, Fine Artist

For more information or to commission Meagan for artwork visit