tina + jonathon engagement session

You wanna meet a sweet couple?  Meet Tina and Jonathon!  After getting rained out the first time we tried to shoot these, the clouds decided to part and the sun was on our side just a week later.  Joey shot this amazing session.  As soon as he got home and I saw the photos being uploaded I started squealing with excitement.  I love how playful and fun all of the photos are.  Sessions like these seem to unfold effortlessly.  We can't wait to photograph their wedding coming up in just a couple of weeks.  Trust me, you're gonna want to check back to see their wedding blogged.  No doubt it will be incredible. Don't forget to visit our website at Stewartography.com.  All the cool kids are doing it.  You wanna me cool, don't you?

T+J E-session02T+J E-session06

T+J E-session07T+J E-session10

T+J E-session12T+J E-session13

T+J E-session17

T+J E-session23T+J E-session24

T+J E-session15T+J E-session26

T+J E-session25

T+J E-session31 T+J E-session35T+J E-session37

T+J E-session44

T+J E-session45

T+J E-session50T+J E-session51

T+J E-session52

T+J E-session53

T+J E-session61

T+J E-session63

T+J E-session64T+J E-session65

T+J E-session62T+J E-session68