Pace Wedding

Remember that amazing engagement shoot that had to be separated into two different posts?  Well, here's their wedding!  Erin and Michael got married in front of this insanely gorgeous tree at Reid's Orchard.  It was the same tree that they carved their initials into during their engagement session.  (Just in case you hadn't noticed the tree during the engagement photos, you should go back and look for  a couple of other familiar initials.  JH was carved in the tree by someone else before.  I told Erin it was destiny.  It was a clear sign Joey and I were to be their photographers.)  Their ceremony was so beautiful and sweet, I started crying.  Of course.  I can't help it.  There were so many incredible photos that came out of this wedding, it was hard to choose which ones should go on the blog.  Jacob, our fellow photographer at Stewartography, got some absolutely amazing shots that day.  He deserves some sort of chocolate reward for all those shots! Erin and Michael, you guys are such fun and beautiful people.  Thank you both so much for choosing us to be a part of your big day!

Visit to view more photos.  Do it now!   ;)

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