Sarah & Austin

Wow!  What a great Bride & Groom!  These two have been such a nice couple to get to work with.  The two of them have such big hearts and genuinely care about the lives of everyone they meet.  They are a great example of clients seeming like old friends, even at our first meeting.  I love the photos that we were able to capture at this wedding.  It was an unbelievable event!  The ceremony was at First United Methodist Church in Henderson, KY and the reception took place at the River Park Center in Owensboro, just as the sun kissed the horizon.  It was to die for!  Take a look at the sun glowing through the wall of windows at the reception.  I am in love with this blog post.  Check out your favorite Evansville Photographers at! A+S00003A+S00011A+S00006A+S00008A+S00013A+S00017A+S00020A+S00031A+S00045A+S00028A+S00050A+S00049A+S00053A+S00090A+S00215A+S00095A+S00096A+S00099A+S00082A+S00060A+S00062A+S00077A+S00066A+S00047A+S00072A+S00073A+S00084A+S00105A+S00116A+S00121A+S00128A+S00133A+S00132A+S00127A+S00174A+S00143A+S00154A+S00155A+S00159A+S00191A+S00194A+S00200A+S00205A+S00220A+S00223A+S00218A+S00314A+S00221A+S00222A+S00230A+S00231A+S00229A+S00235A+S00242A+S00247A+S00253A+S00278A+S00279A+S00284A+S00316A+S00351A+S00352A+S00354