Vintage Train Station Engagement Shoot

Up next:  A Vintage Train Station Engagement Shoot!  Ashley works for the wedding and event planning company called Welborn’s Floral And Events, so she’s a wedding pro.  She knew she wanted something unique for her engagement photos, so she called us to brainstorm with her about a way to amp it up a bit.  So we said,"Let's GO to Paris!"  Well, we didn't hop on a plane, but we knew we had the right idea.  With the help from a couple of antique stores, a Goodwill, and Mike’s grandfather’s closet, we were ready to rock 'n roll!  We grabbed some vintage luggage and a copy of Life magazine, as well as some old-fashioned hats, ties, and suspenders.  To top it off, we grabbed an antique map of Paris, from my bedroom wall, and headed to an old rusty train track downtown.  All the ingredients for an over-the-top engagement shoot.  Check out part B to the shoot at Rugged Gas Station Engagement Shoot  View our website at Evansville Wedding Photographers