Paint Fight Engagement Photo Shoot

Check out this Paint Fight Engagement Photo Shoot!  Paint Fight Photos galore!  Meagan & Eric, being artists, love to get their hands dirty and their feet wet.  Meagan is a far-out fine artist and Eric is an unbelievable musician.  You can find Meagan's work at  Anyone who knows them can see that they are a perfect match.  They wanted to involve a little bit of personality in their shoot, and a little paint goes a long way!  Nestled in a country setting at sunset, they pinned up an old sheet, filled up on paint, and went loco.  Paint in the ears, in the nose, in the toes, and anywhere else paint goes.  (So I'm a poet now? maybe not).  Well, this shoot speaks for itself so I'll stop rambling.  Check out part B to the shoot at Vintage Quilt Engagement Shoot.